About Me

๐Ÿ‘‹ I’m Xander Link to heading

I create Minecraft mods using Kotlin and Java, I love doing what I’m doing. My mods are on GitHub, Curseforge and Modrinth. I have also tinkered with some statistical analysis and AI with Python.

My Successes Link to heading

Minecraft Mods Link to heading

As of the end of November 2022, I have reached over 7 million total downloads on Curseforge alone, making a nice bonus of revenue, my most popular being Zoomify (a simple zoom mod), and Debugify (a mod that fixes bugs in the game), both being included in the most popular modpack for FabricMC.

ZoomifyAdds zooming functionality to Minecraft
DebugifyFixes bugs in the vanilla game faster than Mojang
YetAnotherConfigLibA library to manage generating user-friendly config GUIs
Cull Less LeavesImproves performance by skipping rendering of some leaves
PronounifyShows players’ pronouns in various ways
Main Menu CreditsAdds text to the title screen to credit modpacks
AdaptiveTooltipsHighly configurable tooltip rendering, so you can always read them!

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I got a video to go semi-viral using an extremely simple AI I made to scan video clips and identify faces against a folder of images, this program then outputs “scenes” (or clips) where the faces were present to then easily edit into a compilation video. This project is called FaceFinder.